Who am I?

I am Mirjam, currently 18 years old and a creative enthousiast. As a friend says:

“On monday I just sit down and wonder: what will Mirjam do this week?”

When I am not sleeping I am somewhere doing creative work, helping others or improving something that needs improvement.

What do I stand for?

I do not think anyone can be perfectly described in words. What you do, how you move, how you act, your morals, values say so much more.

I stand for doing what you want, no matter what others say or think. Stand up for what is right and fix what is not.

Respect is given, but can be taken when they are not respectful back.

Hard work beats luck and talent.

What do I want to achieve?

The world lacks color and creativity, it is disappearing over the years. I want to bring that spark back.

Inspire others, especially young adolescents to do what they desire deep down instead of what they think they have to do.

Solve injustice wherever I can and stand up for people that can not for themselves.

Help others, love, be lovedĀ  and life a grateful and appreciative life.