XP Organisational member

April 2024 – Current

In april I joined the study association of my study in a more active way. Having already participated in volunteering and events from them I got accepted immediately. Currently I am in the PR department but I help out in all the commitees and offer my ideas, opinions and help.

VvE Compleet, administrative insurances

May 2023 – Current

After finishing my exams and moving cities I wanted to get a new job. I ended up at VvE Compleet as administrative worker in insurances at 17. Going through documentation, calamity claims and offerings I sustained the safety of over 300 apartment buildings.

Dirk, all-round employee

August 2020 – December 2022

The day I turned 15 and was legally allowed to work in retail I immedeately put in an application. After not being contacted in the following week I gave a call and it turned out the application did not come through, they asked if I could come over for a interview right that second and an hour later I had a job. Starting as a stock clerk I learned the ins and outs of the store and quickly became the person that everyone asked questions to. During the year I became an unofficial team leader and when I turned 16 I also started handling the cash register. I stayed here up until I moved away.