Creative Media and Game Technologies

Saxion, Enschede.

After rounding off VWO I decided I did not want to take the often travelled road. Creativity was a big part of my life for years already and I stepped down from my goal to go to University and went to HBO. I could not have made a better choice, the people I met, the projects that I create and the thought process that we are getting taught is amazing.



Noordik Lyceum, Almelo. The second half of secondary started off with Covid. Online classes restrained us from going to school and closed a lot of possibilities from earlier years. During this time I focused more on work. When school opened again I went from scared of biology to it being my favorite subject that I graduated early in. In these years I grew from someone that was not seen to a known person that was valued for her imput and personality.

VWO, middle school

Noordik Lyceum, Almelo. Secondary school opened a lot of possibilities for me. I participated in musicals, student counsils and put up my own association to give feedback to teachers. Having freedom to fil in my own time I started discovering passions,subjects and experiences. I opened up my voice, started making my own choices and begin mapping out what I want in life. During the third year school closed down due to Covid, during this time I started discovering my passion for art.